Upscaled Weekender Quartz


Upscaled Weekender Quartz

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Timex Men’s Weekender 40mm Quartz Analog Watch with Leather Strap, Brown, 20 (Model: TW2R42500): Timex: Watches

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Timex Weekender Men's

The Freedom to Choose
The Weekender collection is all about versatility. Easily switch it up with interchangeable slip-thru and quick-release straps.

Timex Weekender
Quick Release Leather Strap Timex Weekender Men's Indiglo Light-Up Dial
Quick Release
Timex made their traditional two-piece strap easy to change with quick-release spring bars… no tools required!
Switch it up with interchangeable slip-thru fabric and leather straps. The easy-to-change slip-thru straps allow you to quickly change your strap to match any look for endless options.
Timex created revolutionary Indiglo backlight technology, changing how the world told time in the dark.
Timex Weekender Unisex and Men's

Timex, Weekender

Even More Options
Discover even more ways to wear your watch your way. Choose from three different Weekender case sizes—the standard 38mm case, the larger 40mm case—available in chrono—or the oversized 43mm case.

Timex watchmaker established 1854


Red, Brown/Black, Antique Brown, Black/Cream/Tan, Black/Silver-Tone, Blue/Cream, Blue/Titanium, Brown/Cream, Brown/Cream/Black, Green Camo/Cream, Olive/Titanium, Tan/Blue, Tan/Blue/Black

10 reviews for Upscaled Weekender Quartz

  1. Amazon Customer

    After wearing watches sparingly my whole life, I decided recently to commit to wearing a watch long-term. I eventually decided upon this 40mm Timex Weekender, and I couldn’t be happier. The Weekender is a simple, medium-sized piece in the style of a field watch with no additional complications. Pressing the crown will activate Timex’s signature “Indiglo” lume, which is bright enough that you can easily read the face in pitch black conditions. Military time is displayed underneath the larger 12-hour digits, which is convenient. The navy blue face against the tan leather strap gives this watch a distinct look that stands out. The case is chrome plated to resemble the appearance of stainless steel. I’ve received more compliments on this $40 watch than I can remember.The watch features a quartz movement, meaning it will maintain time consistently and accurately for years to come with very little deviation. My watch hasn’t lost a single second. To any newcomers to watches: this author strongly recommends a quartz watch as your first watch and an automatic as your second so that you may learn to enjoy and appreciate the nuances and strengths of both. The provided adjustable leather strap is comfortable and durable on the wrist, but can be easily swapped out for a NATO or stainless steel band if desired.Much has been made in other reviews about the loudness of the second hand as it ticks around the watch. This is extremely exaggerated. When I received the watch, I was surprised when I remembered it was supposedly a loud nusiance. The tick is so soft I can only really hear it if I hold the watch to my ear, or if the room is extremely quiet and the watch is right next to my bed.As a first watch or even for an experienced watch collector, this is a real winner for the price. Timex has been making watches for a very long time, and for around $40 you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. I highly recommend this watch.

  2. Daniel Howard

    Bought this watch because it was pretty cheap and I needed a watch. I do leather work and love brass too so wanted a leather banded brass watch without spending a lot. This classic blew away my expectations and I can’t imagine needing a pricier brass watch. It looks good and functions great. I even wore it at my wedding. Matched my brass wedding band (I told you I like brass.) It was on my wrist every day during 12 hr shifts manufacturing cars for Tesla last year and has held up terrifically. Highly recommended.

  3. Rob Alson

    This is a great looking watch. Awesome value for the money. Looks much more expensive than it is. The leather is of a bit lighter color than the regular 38mm leather band weekender but I think it looks a bit classier. Both watches are real nice but this forty millimeter face is almost the perfect size. If you are hesitating, don’t. This is a great watch for the money.Buy this watch you won’t regret it.

  4. presidentg

    The Timex Weekender watches have been criticized for having a base metal (brass?) watch case which is then plated. This model foregoes the plating and features an antiqued finish. I find this to result in a very attractive watch. If you covet the patina of a bronze watch you might consider this model.While the leather NATO style band is a bit thin, it’s color is a great match for the case and dial.I have also seen many reviews of the Weekenders where the reviewer faults the watch as being very loud, as in “I can hear it across the room…” With the watch on my night stand, about 12″ away, I can’t hear it. I also have a Weekender chrono which is just as quiet. Perhaps I’m lucky.There is no noticeable lume on the dial but the Indiglo back-lighting makes it unnecessaryFor the modest price paid I could not be more tickled by this watch..

  5. Lise

    I purchased this watch for nursing school (lucky for me my school doesn’t require a traditional white nursing watch). I needed a watch with a larger face and a second hand. The fact that it also had military time was a huge bonus! It has a textured, genuine leather strap; and the brass/brown color looks great. It looks like an expensive watch. The straps are comfortable and flexible, not stiff leather. Since it’s not a “traditional” nursing watch, I can wear it when I’m not in class as well. And the Indiglo feature is a cool bonus.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful watch. I really appreciate the simplicity in these weekenders. The ticking sound is a bit on the present side and I can notice it in a quiet room, but I grew up wearing ticking watches and it doesn’t really bother me. Scope out Target or Wal Mart, they usually have some Timex watches you can inspect to see if the noise bothers you.The leather band is real leather of some sort — it has pores. But it is thin, and I may replace it at some point. I wasn’t expecting even lower-shelf quality at $40, so it was a nice surprise that it was as good as it was. Some folks noticed the brown leather color is noticeably different than in the stock photo. I noticed that too, but some Lexol leather conditioner darkened it up nicely — and boy, did it want it. Soaked up a prodigious amount.

  7. nancy texiera

    Love the time piece, big face, lights up in the dark, second hand. I did not however like the brown, leather band. So I bought a stainless steel, magnetic, Milanese watch strap, and wella…I now have my idea of the perfect watch. Love it!!!FYI..the leather band was fine quality, just not my style.

  8. Schwzr hase

    i have had a Casio flying cockpit for i think over 5 years now and i was very sad when it broken down and many function ceased to workso i go back and find an affordable watch that simply just does one job, keep time, no date/day on itand this watch does just that, look absolutely amazing that everyone i have met, glanced at it for a whileeven my sister who wear a $200 watch daily asked me how much the “weekender” costs after seeing me wear it and bought onenot to mention indiglo (it is amazing i don’t know why watch manufacturers didn’t copy it)

  9. Amazon Customer

    Okay let me start of this review by saying this was a gift to a friend. I’m into watches. I have a deep blue, sieko, two invictas and a g shock. After experimenting with different size cases, lug to lug, bands… I determined for a medium sized wrist a 40mm is the perfect in betweener. And especially if the watch is designed so you can read the dial. This timex is the perfect size. It’s light. And the band is surprisingly good. It’s cheasy and thin, but it’s a 25$ watch what do you expect. I was blown away. Comparing it to my 40mm deep blue I can read the dial so much easier. My friend is rustic so finding a watch that would fit his personality was challenging. You can wear this watch with almost anything and it will compliment your outfit. I wasn’t so keen on getting the solar ones( don’t trust timex’s solar), nor the fake divers. I don’t prefer quartz just because it’s a nuesense. And let’s be honest it’s lame. But for the price of this watch you could inspire your self to get into watches. The craftsmanship is great for the price. And the indiglow or whatever is my favorite feature. I love superlumanova or very good lume. This watch has the power of the sun in a backlight and will make you smile everytime you click the button. Overall this an entry level watch. You can’t expect much out of it but I was blown away for the price. I don’t know how long it will hold up but I’m hoping when it does fail or need a new battery my friend will be interested in something that’s better.

  10. W.B.

    General Forward About My Timex Opinions: Let me begin by saying that I’m somewhat infatuated with Timex, yet a realist that’s hopefully not biased. I scolded Timex, through their customer service, for not putting out products with better quality control, as read in various Amazon reviews, and falling behind in their reputation as a well built watch as I remember from my early childhood; I’m now 51 years old. As for my experience, though, I’ve had GREAT luck with the current Timex watches in my collection. I give 2 thumbs up to their current design team.Specific Product Review: I’m somewhat driven to collect each and every watch in their Weekender 40mm, Weekender Chrono, and Fairfield lines. I admire the retro, minimalist flair that Timex has been pushing. It’s a great watch for the price, too. The Timex Indiglo is fantastic. This Weekender and my Weekender Fairfield both have a slight shadow at the bottom when the Indiglo is engaged. That’s not a problem to me as I’ve come to realize it’s not a defect. As for the ticking sound… I love it!!! It tells me that it’s a watch. It’s louder than my other Weekender Fairfield but slightly quieter than the Weekender 38mm. The 40mm face speaks class, simple and elegant. The Weekender 40mm is just the right size. I stay away from the 38mm Weekender since it’s too small and feminine on my wrist. The leather band seems at first too thin but it’s actually VERY nice and attractive. If the band ever wears out, I’ll just put on a NATO…. notice photos. As to accuracy, this Timex seems to be (+/-) 1-2 seconds off per week. I like quartz movements for their accuracy. I only ask for Timex to bring back an American made watch that’s constructed to be passed down to my children; I’ll gladly pay extra for Timex to get back up to Seiko or Citizen reputation. I’d love to see all stainless steel and Sapphire Crystal glass. I think Timex has a great watch for the price. I’m behind these watches 100%. Go Timex!!!!!

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