Waterbury Classic Luxe


Waterbury Classic Luxe

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Timex Men’s Waterbury Classic 40mm Watch – Silver-Tone & Cream with Brown Genuine Leather Strap: Clothing

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Timex Waterbury Classic Men's Watch

Waterbury Classic
There is strength in tradition. This collection is an update to a true classic — a timepiece honoring our roots with ageless style. A testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and watchmaking.

Waterbury Men’s Classic
Timex Waterbury Classic Men's Watch Timex Waterbury Classic Men's Watch Timex Waterbury Classic Men's Watch
Stainless Steel Watch Case
Crafted with premium polished, brushed and plated stainless steel cases, leather straps and a refined attention to detail, our Waterbury collection combines contemporary watchmaking with generations of experienced workmanship.
Accessible Time-Keeping
Generations ago, we revolutionized timekeeping by taking it from the mantels of the one-percent and bringing it to the world. And we have not stopped challenging the status quo since.
Attention to Detail
When it comes to a well-made watch, every detail matters. Crafted with brushed and plated stainless-steel cases, the Waterbury collection is available with adjustable stainless steel bracelets or carefully stitched leather straps.
Timex Watchmakers Established 1854


Brown/Black, Brown Croco/Rose Gold/Black, Brown/Cream

3 reviews for Waterbury Classic Luxe

  1. Michael J Kelting

    Good quality watch. Keeps great time within seconds from one month to the next month.

  2. Loni Shepherd

    Nice watch and leather band! Face is kinda big and white but my husband liked it!

  3. J. Miller

    very nice watch, attractive, solidly built … nice leather band and buckle …

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