Sleek Southview Timex


Sleek Southview Timex

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Timex Men’s TW2R63900 Southview 41mm Tan/Silver-Tone/Blue Leather Strap Watch: Clothing

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Timex Dress Men's Watches

Premium Design & Precision Craftsmanship
The Timex Men’s Dress watches pair careful design with authentic watchmaking techniques to create watches that are long-lasting and perfect for any occasion.

Men’s Dress Collection
Timex Men's Dress Watch Timex Men's Dress Watch Timex Men's Dress Watch
Quality Watchmaking
Timex watches are created with solid metal cases and scratch-resistant mineral glass to ensure durability.
Focus on Design
Experts in timekeeping for more than 165 years, Timex finds inspiration in classic watch designs.
Our revolutionary Indiglo back-light technology changes how the world told time in the dark. Available on select watches.
Timex watchmakers established 1854


Brown/Black, Black/Gold-Tone, Black/Silver-Tone, Black/White/Rose Gold-Tone, Blackout, Brown/Cream, Brown/Silver-Tone/Blue, Gray/Silver-Tone, Tan/Blue, Tan/Rose Gold-Tone/White

10 reviews for Sleek Southview Timex

  1. RH

    I love the watch. It looks just like the pictures and keeps time well. I am female so I have small wrists. Because of this I did have to punch another hole in the strap and I cut down the length of the strap but I expected this when I bought a men’s watch.

  2. Mary A. Enriquez

    Great product. You can never go wrong with Timex An attractive serviceable watch for every day. My husband loves it. Thank You,

  3. Amazon Customer

    Very nice looking watch. Band is cheap so we put a nice metal band on it. Like other reviews saying it is loud when ticking we don’t find that to be true at all. Nice watch. Happy with purchase.

  4. Annabelle Esteban

    Beautiful, manly looking watch! Cross-hatch texture warm brown leather, shiny stainless steel, and a dark navy face that looks like shiny nylon strap. Looks more sleek in person. My boyfriend loved it. The tab to keep the clock from ticking was still on so the battery was still working.

  5. Robinson Mertilus

    Nice watch. The strap, as many have mentioned, does seems to be of low quality. Very likely to need replacement in a short time, however I am fine with that. There are some good deals on leather or nylon strap replacements. Nice minimalist style. Presents well in business and casual attire. Highly recommended.

  6. Wordstock

    My husband is hard on watches. So, sitting in the car, looking at his bare arm, he said he “couldn’t live without a watch”. Just so happens I had just bought this watch as a gift for him but hadn’t had time to wrap it for Christmas. I reached into my purse and pulled it out. He was delighted. He likes Timex. He likes watches he can read. He prefers analog over digital. This meets all his requirements and he really likes it. What other kind of rating can I do? If he likes it, it’s analog and a Timex, there is nothing else to say. It is a very handsome watch.

  7. Adrian Espinoza

    I think the color is much darker than advertised. But anyway, this is my third Timex watch. I love the quality, the stylish design and the price… So far works very good. It is totally silent and the wrist band is very confortable! It would have been cool if it came with the date and the índigo light. But the minute arm and the hour arm light up softly in the dark.

  8. John Thompson

    I get compliments all the time on this watch. I wear a lot of brown leathers, blue jeans and shirts, so naturally this watch matches with those. But honestly, it matches with most things that I wear. It walks a fine line between being sharp, yet not too flashy, and the price was very reasonable, too. Not a bad thing to say about this watch. If you’re looking for a basic, classy, affordable watch, you may want to check this one out.

  9. KoiBoi1113

    Absolutely LOVE timex watches. My only complaint is how difficult it is to change the batter. I found that I essentially had to bring it somewhere, so when my previous timex battery failed, I was ready for a new one anyhow. I’m INCREDIBLY hard on watches, as I essentially never take them off. For the money, I find them 100% worth the money even if they last 3 years for me. The funniest thing. No matter how best up they get, THEY KEEP TICKING. Timex really hit the nail on the head with “Takes a licking, and keeps on ticking.” A beautiful watch that spells classy.

  10. Marvin Live

    I love this watch, it took me forever to find one like this. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how charming it is. At the end of the day, you have to like the style, which is very personal. You should know, this one is exactly as it seems on the picture. So far works great. Simple watch, classic, good leather strap.

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