Romantic Weekender Chronograph


Romantic Weekender Chronograph

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Timex Weekender Chronograph 40mm Watch: Watches

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From the manufacturer
Timex Weekender Men's

The Freedom to Choose
The Weekender collection is all about versatility. Easily switch it up with interchangeable slip-thru and quick-release straps.

Timex Weekender
Quick Release Leather Strap Timex Weekender Men's Indiglo Light-Up Dial
Quick Release
Timex made their traditional two-piece strap easy to change with quick-release spring bars… no tools required!
Switch it up with interchangeable slip-thru fabric and leather straps. The easy-to-change slip-thru straps allow you to quickly change your strap to match any look for endless options.
Timex created revolutionary Indiglo backlight technology, changing how the world told time in the dark.
Timex Weekender Unisex and Men's

Timex, Weekender

Even More Options
Discover even more ways to wear your watch your way. Choose from three different Weekender case sizes—the standard 38mm case, the larger 40mm case—available in chrono—or the oversized 43mm case.

Timex watchmaker established 1854


Black, Blue, Brown, Black/Cream, Black/Gray Stripe/Blue, Black/Orange Accent, Blue Fabric Slip-thru/Blue, Blue/Cream, Blue/Silver, Brown/Green, Brown/Silver/Blue, Dark Green/Black, Tan/Black/Cream, Tan/Blue, Tan/Blue + Extra Strap, Tan/Cream, Tan/Dark Green

10 reviews for Romantic Weekender Chronograph

  1. Jadallah Khazaal

    I got the ten/dark green one and omg. it is sooooo beautiful! i can’t stop staring at my wrist. the only thing i don’t like about it which is not a problem is the strap. if you got plenty of nato straps then that shouldnt be a problem. other than that it is really a beautiful time piece. i am glancing at my wrist as write this review and i have such a huge smile on my face.if you are having problems find affordable and simple slip thru straps, check out countycomm.comi bought a few and they match very nicely with the timex dials. and no, countycomm has not paid me to recommend them. i am just happy i found great quality watch straps.

  2. Joy

    I love this watch, it’s classic and I love the combo of navy face and brown leather strap. I’ve had it for about a month now, the strap starts out light tan but gets darker as you wear it and touch it, it’s now more of a chestnut color. The chronograph works great and I also bought two other straps (red and navy) to switch out for camouflage by and more sporty activities. It’s not waterproof but I have been rained on and the watch was fine. I have pretty small wrists (I’m a woman) but I like larger watches, I just had to trim the watchband a little bit so the end wasn’t hanging off all crazy. Easy fix. Very happy with this purchase!

  3. thegman

    After wearing this for a few weeks, I find this Weekender Chrono to be an excellent watch for the price! I also own the black faced Timex ‘non-chrono’ version that I’ve had for over a year and it is a great, simple watch. I especially enjoy (and use) the Indiglo feature! I admit to having a watch fetish, but after retirement, I sold most of my watch collection and have only kept four watches. I bought these two Timex watches and found them to be fun, accurate, very usable and handy! I’ve read many negative comments about the tan leather watchband, but I’ve fine with it. It is thin but attractive and time will tell how long it will last.HANDY TIP: A huge plus for me has been that there are plenty of very colorful replacement watchbands for these Timex watches on eBay for around $1 each (if you’re not in a hurry as they come shipped from China.) I have purchased 4 different solid color and striped watchbands to switch around between my two watches…just search for “20mm Ballistic Nylon Watch Band.” They fit perfectly and are only a buck! Change the band and it’s (almost) like having a new watch!Lastly, the face color is dark blue and a nice contrast with the silver case, numbers and hands. Besides, they take a licking and…well, you know the rest : – )

  4. chris

    Dont buy this watch with the leather band as pictured – its thin, you just have to replace it with a Nylon strap or other band. Buy it with a nylon strap to start with….but as this unit is priced at under $40 at the moment – you can use the additional $10+ to buy some Nato’s.The watch looks great, its a little tricky to set, just read the instructions before thinking it is broken – or watch a YT video on the watch.The lighting, Indiglo, can be switched from 3 seconds to button activated 0 seconds by holding the crown button down for 4 seconds – switch it back and forth as needed , it’s a battery saving function.I don’t read instructions, I try to figure things out, but this watch is quirky, a lot of people think it is deffective when they receive (reading the reviews here)- it has some features that are not typical, I suggest most people should read the directions and watch some videos on the product.

  5. Drew

    This Timex is a perfect example of how you can get a versatile, great looking watch for not a lot of money. Do I think it should be the only watch in your collection? Probably not, but if your budget is <$100 you can do a lot worse than this Timex.Seeing the cost of this piece at $50 I was skeptical about the quality but was immediately put at ease when I opened the box. This watch is just awesome for the price. The bezel and chrono buttons take a great shine after a wipedown with jewelry cloth and the extra clasps on the band give it a strong, masculine feel. It's one of my favorite bands in my collection and the olive color is reminiscent of a military field watch.Overall, this watch is one of my favorites out of the 8 I own. I also got the blue face/tan band Timex listed as an option. The only two things I would change on this watch is the 10 o'clock complication on the face overlaps the 10 and the date window can only be set by advancing time forward, so definitely set the date first.

  6. K. Cart

    I dont wear jewelry. I am not a flashy guy. I enjoy simple and usable things. This watch is perfect. The pictures on Amazon do not do it justice. Its extremely comfortable and nice looking. It is a bit thicker than I expected but that is fine, it gives the watch some heft and makes it feel more premium but not so heavy that its noticable. I does have the light blue Indiglo light that lights the entire watch face up from behind. Its a soft dim glow just enough for low or no light situations. The band is a simple Nato style nylon band. The watch fits into a loop on the band so the watch is barely in contact with your skin. The band is very comfortable. The watch is water resistant down to a certain depth, that I have not tried. The band goes from the olive green to dark green when wet. You can tell when you have washed your hands by the dark spots on the band. The darkness does go away fairly quickly. There are many different color aftermarket Nato style bands out there on Amazon if you dont like this one, and they are very reasonable in price. I really like this watch. For the price its wonderful. I have only had it a couple of days and so far so good. I highly recommend this watch as an everyday watch.

  7. Wolfsatz Domain

    The latest iteration of the Weekender Chrono has a nice surprise that previous versions of the Weekender Chrono did not have. It has Night Mode! A welcome addition usually found on the higher priced timex or Ironmans.The Weekender offers a lot of versatility. Looks great on leather Nato’s as well as its stock strap. Many say that the Timex leather straps have a cheap feeling; but do not be misguided; the leather is top quality and it offers a finishing that is scratch resistant. It fares well with minor scratches and water does not leave water marks that other leather straps do.The 30 minute chronograph is very useful; I wish that Timex would in the future a 24 hour dial instead of the 1/20s of a second, that while it is nice to have; I find a 24 hour dial most useful.I can say wtihtout any hesitation, that as far as value and quality, there is no other Chronograph on the sub $100 range that is a good looking, versatile and has a night feature or strong lume. Some Casio Edifice come close, but are usually priced significantly higher and are not as versatile as far as band options.The only flaw that I see with the watch is the very small date window that I find hard to read under most situations and non existent when using Indiglo. a couple of milimeters and a big bigger digits would make it much more readable.

  8. Gyula G.

    Excellent watch for this value (50$). The leather strap is indeed thin (not for a life item), but as it is easily replaceable I do not care about it. The colour is more lighter and more orange as it is expected but I will probably apply the shoe cream treatment what somebody already tried here and worked well. The dual layer strap gives a more robust look to the watch which is nice for me as I do not like the small dials on my wrist but it is absolutely up to personal taste. The minute marker of the chronograph (upper left small dial) was not in the correct position (30) as others also claimed, but it was a 5 second job to adjust the marker into its correct place (30) by simply following how it is clearly described in the manual what is available on timex.comSome people simply can not read 🙂 or look after and for them it is easier to send back an item than read 5 rows and doing a 5 second job. Pity for them ;)Nightmode and indiglo features are also awesome.Overall it is an excellent watch in terms of price/ratio, but definitely not for the snobs(dumbs) whom are expecting Tissot quality for 50 bucks.

  9. dsf260

    I picked a Green/Cream Timex Weekender Oversized Chronograph up on Prime Day for significantly less than what it costs to take my family to the movies. It is an excellent value for the money.I agree with most of the positive comments here—the watch is very distinctive and punches way above its weight in terms of initial impression and quality. I can’t speak for the longevity of the mechanism, but out of the box, all features work perfectly. I did have to calibrate the stopwatch out of the box, however, which took all of 10 seconds. A few other notes:- Most importantly, this watch is thicker than I expected. I own watches thicker than this one, but the Weekender Chronograph does have “tuna can” styling. It looks balanced on the side with the buttons, but the side without strikes me as a bit large. I have thin wrists, so I am sure that is making the watch look larger. It’s not huge, but if Timex dropped 2mm’s from its size, i think it would be a huge styling home run.- I have seen other reviews comment on problems with the stopwatch function and the large second hand not moving properly. It seems that they don’t understand how the chronometer works, and that they need to come up on the learning curve. I have another chronometer watch that works exactly the same way.- If I aggressively shake the watch, I can get the fractional second hand to move a very slight amount—not an amount that would lead to inaccuracy, but it is still noticeable with scrutiny. I imagine there is just some play in the mechanism there, which I guess is to be expected at this price point. It’s something to watch for deterioration.- My example is completely silent without the chronometer running. In this “normal” mode, I have to jam it against my ear to hear it tick. I think most of the Timex weekenders chronometers are like this—the “standard” versions are apparently loud. The chronometer function does produce some ticking sounds that are more audible, but nothing that I can hear from more that 3 feet away.- My watch came with full retail packaging and instructions. Others seem not to have gotten this packaging.- In low light, the silver hands can be difficult to read. Indiglo obviously addresses that, but I could see that being an issue for some. It is much less of a problem than I expected based on comments I read here, but I understand where they are coming from.- The lume on the watch hands is more or less silly. It does work for a little bit, but it seems repetitive with Indiglo. I also think it takes away from the styling of the watch.- My indiglo function does not light up between the bottom of the 28 minute and 32 minute markers. I’m not sure if this is by design or a quality issue, but it is very, very minor and I did not notice it for over 2 hours of playing with the watch. If you drew a line through the “18” that is below the 6, the area below the line does not light up—really not a big deal.- The green strap on the cream watch is fine. Nothing special and very neutral. Its more olive colored than I expected—with some light showing off an emerald cast. It’s relatively thin, which I like, and the olive/cream definitely gives it a military feel. I do think this version begs for a distressed leather dark brown NATO strap, but that’s personal preference.- The print on the watch seems to shift between a black and midnight blue color depending on the lighting. If you wanted to go with navy or blue themed strap, I am sure that the watch would pick that up well.- I have no idea how a brass watch will hold up. I don’t know if it is some kind of white brass alloy or if it is plated.All in, this is a major value at its price, and you will find watch aficionados constantly pointing to this as an outstanding example of how fine timepieces do not need complicated or expensive. If you have read this far, just go buy one.

  10. Antuan Goodwin

    This is easily the most worn watch in my humble collection for a few reasons:1. Unlike my standard Weekenders, which you can hear ticking from across the room, the Weekender Chrono’s tick is whisper quiet even in stopwatch mode.2. The 40mm case is a nice size — big enough to draw the occasional compliment, but not so large that it gets in the way.3. The simple design works in nearly every situation. For example, it classes up nicely with a leather band.4. It’s cheap. Well below $50, I don’t have to baby this watch. If it gets bumped, scratched or smashed, it’s no big deal.5. This is my favorite. You can adjust the hour without moving the minute hand. This makes the Weekender Chrono a great watch to travel with because adjusting timezones less fiddly.

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