Stylish Slip-Thru Strap


Stylish Slip-Thru Strap

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Timex Unisex TW2P90800 Fairfield 41 Blue/Green Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch: Timex: Clothing

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The Timex Fairfield’s minimalist dial design and clean lines pair perfectly with our signature interchangeable straps to complement everything in your closet. You just found the only watch you’ll ever need. The Fairfield unisex watch model TW2P97700 features a bold blue double layer nylon slip-thru strap. The 41mm silver-tone case frames the bright white dial featuring silver-tone markers and Indiglo night-light for easy readability in the dark. The Fairfield is water resistant up to 30 meters (99 feet), enabling it to withstand splashes, handwashing, and brief immersions in water.

10 reviews for Stylish Slip-Thru Strap

  1. Boomerz

    You can wear this watch with any outfit. It keeps time well and looks very handsome!

  2. John Boylston

    The watch face is a little bigger than I anticipated but not too big at all. It’s a clean, classic watch and at this price I’m not too worried about something happening to it. Definitely worth the money.

  3. Scott

    Distinctive and comfortable strap. This casual watch looks great and is a compelling value, too. I’m glad to have added this to my collection and find myself wearing it more than other more expensive watches. Great choice for short sleeves in the summer.

  4. Jeanne M. Haws

    LOVE this watch. Big face easy to read – and it lights up during the night by pushing the stem. Great band too (and interchangeable). Also, great price/value.

  5. J. C

    I’m no watch snob, but I know what I like, and this watch gets compliments from a few watch snobs I know. This can work for a casual and more formal outfit (if you change the band to mesh or something else). It’s a good all-rounder like the Timex Weekender.

  6. Frugal Mom

    The watch fits my tiny wrists perfectly and the colors are great. I especially like the large face and it is easy to tell the time. I have gotten many compliments.

  7. i3r

    I replaced the watch band with a leather band and have received many compliments. The watch face is large on my wrist and has a bright Indiglo. The glass is durable and still no scuffs or scratches after many months. And I’m not very careful with my watches; it has been knocked on, thrown on my dresser and the watch steel still has a mirror finish. I would buy it again.

  8. Kathleen Corcoran Pacheco

    Hubby loves this new watch with watchband. So comfortable. Both my husband and I have the same watch and a few colors in watchbands. Going to order a few more colors!

  9. Leather1905

    Works as advertised; keeps time well; stylish fabric strap; great value for the money.

  10. L. Rubin

    I Love this watch! I especially like the blue and green band and the way it lights up when you push the stem. Very convenient in a dark room to see the time. A great watch for the price. Plus, the added value of the Timex brand, which “takes a licking and goes on ticking!’

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