Contemporary Black Strapped


Contemporary Black Strapped

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Ferrari Men’s Quartz Watch with Silicone Strap, Black, 20 (Model: 0830614): Clothing

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ferreri;farrari;race day;Scuderia;watches;rubber;sporty;luxury;racing;fashion;cool;prime day;

More than a brand, a legend: the Prancing Horse represents Italian excellence across the world. Today, Scuderia Ferrari is synonymous with tradition, innovation and pure racing emotions: a name that drives millions of fans to live their time with passion, with the help of a dedicated watch collection. The Scuderia Ferrari racing team is the inspirational heart and soul of these watches that embody the spirit of this legend. Evoking the sculpted forms and signature design details, Scuderia Ferrari timepieces incorporates quality materials like solid stainless steel, tough, colorful thermoplastic cases and scratch-resistant mineral crystals. Powered by precise quartz or automatic engines, the range includes chronograph, multi-function and three-hand models that deliver uncompromising performance and pay proud tribute to the Scuderia Ferrari racing team’s bold signature colors and Shield. A passion that knows no age limits, with models for adults and children that will allow you to live this great passion every day. If passion drives your engine and racing is your passion, you have found what you are looking for in a Scuderia Ferrari timepiece an icon to wear on your wrist, quality and excellence contained in an extraordinary object.



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ferreri;farrari;race day;Scuderia;watches;rubber;sporty;luxury;racing;fashion;cool;prime day;

A multi-function indicates the hours, minutes, seconds and displays the day, date, and 24 hour time.

NOTE: A multi-function is not a chronograph.

ferreri;farrari;race day;Scuderia;watches;rubber;sporty;luxury;racing;fashion;cool;prime day;

A chronograph is a timepiece that can be used as a stopwatch in addition to telling time. These watch dials track seconds, minutes and hours.

ferreri;farrari;race day;Scuderia;watches;rubber;sporty;luxury;racing;fashion;cool;prime day;

A 3-hand movement indicates hours, minutes, and seconds.

ferreri;farrari;race day;Scuderia;watches;rubber;sporty;luxury;racing;fashion;cool;prime day;

A digital watch displays the time in numerical digits rather than by hands on a dial.

10 reviews for Contemporary Black Strapped

  1. Jul

    Beautiful and looks amazing.

  2. boondocker70

    This is the best watch I have ever owned. It doesn’t tell me how far I walked, it doesn’t tell me how long it has been since I have lifted my dead ass off the sofa, it doesn’t divide 1/8 by 4/37, it just tells TIME! It is an accurate,elegant,beautiful piece of engineering that has an hour hand a minute hand and a wonderful sweep second hand. Nothing else. Except kick ass looks. Highly recommended.

  3. Jose H Munoz

    Excelente la combinación de rojo y negro y las letras que entran dentro, precioso

  4. Irly Ramirez

    Buen tamaño y calidad

  5. Yovani

    Selo regale ami hermano y le gusto mucho

  6. yousefsi

    Perfect design

  7. Nelson Reyes


  8. Sherry

    Great product .was a gift for my husband i love it he loved it as well. Great case and i will order another for an gift again.

  9. Georgiaboy59

    I love this watch!!!!it is beautiful and great looking on your wrist!!

  10. Ortega


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