Deluxe Unisex Slip-Thru Strap


Deluxe Unisex Slip-Thru Strap

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Timex Unisex Fairfield 41 Brown Leather Slip-Thru Strap Watch: Timex: Clothing

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Timex Fairfield Collection

Thoughtful Minimalism
The Fairfield collection carries the refreshing, minimalist design that the Timex brand was built on with a remarkably clean dial and interchangeable slip-thru and quick-release strap options.

The Fairfield
Timex Fairfield Timex Fairfield Timex Fairfield Indiglo
Freedom to Choose
We’ve extended our thoughtfully designed Fairfield with interchangeable slip-thru and quick-release straps with the wearer in mind.
Mid Century Design
The clean dials, and balanced shapes are inspired by the simplicity of our favorite 1960s watches.
Indiglo Backlight
Timex created revolutionary Indiglo backlight technology, changing how the world told time in the dark.
Timex watchmakers established 1854

10 reviews for Deluxe Unisex Slip-Thru Strap

  1. ad.

    I love the copper details and the easy to read giant face on this watch. It is a fairly large face so engulfs my small wrist but I kinda like that. If you have small wrists and want something delicate this would not be the way to go. As always Timex has the light up screen and ticking noise of the mechanisms and I can swap out the band when I need a change.

  2. erica singletary

    Second time owning this watch. This first i had for years before the face got so scratched up it was time for a new one .

  3. T & M Sisson

    No one believes me when they compliment me on my watch and I tell them I bought it from Amazon! This is my most favorite watch I have ever owned! I get soooo many compliments when i wear it.

  4. Marina

    I adore this watch! For the price, it is unbeatable. I haven’t had it long so I cannot yet attest to its durability, but I love it so much. I look forward to wearing it. One thing to note if you are thinking about purchasing: it ticks REALLY loudly. It’s next to my bed at night and I can hear it, even in a quiet meeting sometimes. I like it, but I know some people are bothered by it. The metal is also technically rose gold, whereas I thought it as regular gold (I don’t normally like rose gold), but it looks beautiful on – I get tons of compliments!

  5. MMH

    i returned the watch because I did not care for the bar on the wrist band. otherwise I would have kept the watch

  6. David

    A gorgeous watch!

  7. Lisa S

    I bought two of these watches – one for my husband and one for me. I’d been eyeing them online, but wasn’t sure what they looked like in person. After seeing it on a friend, I decided to buy two. We really like the look of the watch! Very reasonable price. It looks like an expensive watch, with a retro look, large face is easy to read. An added bonus is the Indiglo feature that allows you to press the stem and the face lights up for better reading in the dark.The only issue I have with the watch is that the leather band SEEMS very cheap – not good quality, thin leather. We’ve had them for 2 months and we haven’t had problems with the bands. Timex does not show the replacement bands for these watches on their website, and I scoured the internet for a rose gold accented band to match the watch with no luck. When I called Timex, they sell the bands over the phone at a reasonable price, including shipping. We plan on buying replacement bands to have on hand.

  8. B. Shore

    Pros – classy, amazing value, lasts forever, get compliments all the time. People think its an expensive watch.Cons – zero so far and im nearly a year and a half in. Its a superb peice. Ive never found the ticking to be very loud like other reviewers.

  9. Just A Guy in NJ

    Awesome watch good looking time piece worth every penny

  10. mbm13

    I like the face size, the indiglo built-in light feature and the leather strap. Great price too. Timex is an old reliable brand.

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