Classic Easy Reader


Classic Easy Reader

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Timex Men’s TW2P75800 Easy Reader 38mm Brown/Gold-Tone/Cream Leather Strap Watch: Timex: Clothing

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Timex Easy Reader

Timeless Design
For 40 years and counting, the Timex Easy Reader has been a fan favorite. The iconic simplicity of the collection is exactly what a watch should be: a well-crafted and sensible timepiece.

Timex Easy Reader
Timex Easy Reader Timex Easy Reader Timex Easy Reader Indiglo Light-Up Dial
Easy-to-Read Dial
True to its name, easy-to-read numbers are balanced with the clean dial design.
Attention to Detail & Quality
When it comes to a well-made watch, every detail matters. The all-metal case and mineral glass lens offer strength and durability.
Our revolutionary Indiglo back-light technology changed how the world told time in the dark.
Timex watchmakers established 1854


40th Anniversary Black, Black/Goldtone, Black/Silver-Tone/White, Brown Croco/Silver/Blue, Brown/Black/Red, Brown/Blue, Brown/Gold-Tone/Cream, Brown/Silver-Tone, Brown/Silver-Tone/Blue, Dark Brown/Rose Gold-Tone, Gray/Blue, Tan/White

10 reviews for Classic Easy Reader

  1. JHMcLellan

    Your snobby friends aren’t going to be particularly impressed by this watch. It doesn’t cost nearly enough.They will be impressed by the fact – though they won’t admit it – that this watch costs less than half what it took to service my Seiko. They ought to be impressed that this uses the same mechanism as is found in 90% of the watches manufactured globally, including many of those watches that your snobby friends would be impressed by.What you will get is a quality watch that keeps accurate time, is easy to read in both light and dark, and is reasonably fashionable. I wear mine to work, formal occasions, and every day.Worth 5 times what I paid for it.

  2. DonH

    I love my new watch. Clean lines and great look. I wore an expensive gold watch that I purchased in 1972 until this year (2019) that I put through it’s paces with fishing, diving and hunting in many countries as well as businesses and pleasure wear.When it needed a new battery a month or so ago I decided to look for something like this and I couldn’t be happier. This watch is smart looking and is easy to read both night or day.I would recommend this watch to anyone.

  3. R. M. Barge

    I have now had this watch over 2 years. I have replaced the battery and the strap, which cost me more than the watch.I love the watch – for the price, it is a triumph! It is unobtrusive-looking and although casual, blends okay with a suit. It just keeps on ticking! The Indiglo has worked flawlessly for me. You can read it in bed at night and the indiglo is strong enough to serve as a dim flashlight in a dark room. You have to change the “day of the month” by hand if the last month was 28 or 30 days — it just rolls over after 31. But changing it is easy.I see some people have had problems and I don’t doubt it, considering the price tag. But mine has worked great. Oh, it has started losing a minute or so a month, since the first year, so I have to check it every few months, as I like the time to the minute. But I’m willing to put up with that for the peace of mind, as I have destroyed several more expensive watches. If this one stops or gets damaged, I can just throw it away without a second thought.

  4. David L.

    Just received this Anniversary Edition Timex watch. Everything is exactly right about it. The size is great for a smaller wrist. No sharp edges to irritate the wrist. Band is well-made and the red accents really set this watch apart from a typical budget-friendly timepiece. The surprise contained in the Indiglo feature is classy and not intrusive at all. This is exactly what I was hoping for. An easy-to-read, very understated, signature Timex. A classic for sure.

  5. W.B.

    General Forward About My Timex Opinions: Let me begin by saying that I’m somewhat infatuated with Timex, yet a realist that’s hopefully not biased. I scolded Timex, through their customer service, for not putting out products with better quality control, as read in various Amazon reviews, and falling behind in their reputation as a well built watch as I remember from my early childhood; I’m now 51 years old. As for my experience, though, I’ve had GREAT luck with the current Timex watches in my collection. I give 2 thumbs up to their current design team.Specific Product Review: I’m somewhat driven to collect each and every watch in their Weekender 40mm, Weekender Chrono, and Fairfield lines. I admire the retro, minimalist flair that Timex has been pushing. It’s a great watch for the price, too. The Timex Indiglo is fantastic, especially with the “40” shadow to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this watch style. As for the ticking sound… I love it!!! It tells me that it’s a watch. It’s louder than my other Weekenders, like the Fairfield. The 38mm face speaks class, simple and elegant. However, the 38mm is too small and looks too feminine on me. I changed the stock anniversary band immediately to see if a NATO would expand it’s size a bit on my wrist… notice photos. As to accuracy, this Timex seems to be (+/- ) 1-2 seconds off per week. I like quartz movements for their accuracy. I only ask for Timex to bring back an American made watch that’s constructed to be passed down to my children; I’ll gladly pay extra for Timex to get back up to Seiko or Citizen reputation. I’d love to see all stainless steel and Sapphire Crystal glass. I think Timex has a great watch for the price. I’m behind these watches 100%. Go Timex!!!!!

  6. Stubb

    I used to wear a high-end watch that I really liked, but I lost it and my cell phone replaced it. I realize that I missed having a watch, but also worried about losing a lot of many if I lost it again so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I also tend to get my hands dirty working on things and didn’t want to risk damaging an expensive timepiece. I read on a men’s blog that Timex were actually good quality inexpensive watches. I wanted a simple watch and this fits the bill. Occasionally a bit noisy but it looks solid, well built, and hasn’t lost any time in a couple weeks of use. I like the blue dial/brown strap combination and I have even gotten compliments. Folks are surprised when I tell them it’s a Timex. I think I will get another with a black strap for coordinating outfits. Heck I can get all sorts of them for the price. It’s inexpensive, but not cheap and you won’t be wasting your money. I also like the old-school vibe of a Timex as I remember seeing the old “takes a licking” commercials when I was a wee lad. Overall this is a great accessory addition that is well worth the price.

  7. CDHiebel

    I bought this after my husband liked mine better than the black strapped version I gave him. He says I kept the better one for myself. Now we both have the gold large face Indiglo . They are sturdy,reliable,and nice enough to wear all the time. Very good price for such a nice watch. I have had mine for a year and a half and the original band is still in good shape after daily wear,inside and outside.

  8. Perry B. Alers, aka peebee

    This watch replaced a somewhat more showy (gold-and-stainless) unit I destroyed – well, I couldn’t reassemble after opening to change the battery – after 4 years of flawless service. The only thing I got rid of in its replacement was the “Day” readout, which I am not missing. It is running flawlessly, and so far any errors in readout are imperceptible. AND it was CHEAP! Just the thing for a rough-and-ready retirement home. I’m 93, and it will probably be buried with me, still bravely, and silently, ticking. Buy one!

  9. Perkins

    Very nice timepiece. I purchased the men’s watch, as I wanted a slightly larger “face”. This size is perfect for a woman with older eyes. Not too large and not (at all) small. Love it.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Timex – hard to beat. Watch arrived in new condition packaged in genuine plastic Timex display/packaging. A sticker on the package states: movement and assembly: Philippines, strap: China. Regarding waterproofing, per the enclosed literature : ” Is water resistant only as long as lens, buttons, and case remain intact;…is not a diver’s watch (not to be used for diving );…and the caveat not to push any buttons whilst underwater. It also states 30 meter water resistance; without a screw down winding stem, I would be skeptical of that claim and I personally won’t be submerging this particular watch.The watch strap is stamped “genuine leather upper”; appears to be good quality, stitched well and blemish free. Changing the date is simple: pull the stem out about less than midway and turn- left or right – until the desired date is shown and push stem back in. The date window is not magnified and quite small, but the date is readable. There is an audible ticking sound. However, my hearing isn’t all that hot anymore and I need to put it next to my ear to hear it.The whole watch is fairly light, not like an auto winding Swiss chronograph. The numerals and the hands are black and contrast well against the watch face, the second sweep hand is gold colored. Pushing the stem in activates the Indiglo feature: the watch face is backlight and the numerals and hands are boldly and easily readable.Someone asked if this a knockoff because it is so inexpensive; the Red Bull’seye Store sells the same watch for exactly the same price as on this site. These modest Timex watches are fairly inexpensive and this is no exception.So, if you are looking for an easy to read watch, night or day, doesn’t cost too much offered by a brand that has been around since 1854, and has a certain understated style, you might want to consider the Easy Reader watch collection line.

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